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Neighbourhood Watch


In an emergency telephone 999

For non-emergencies

Telephone 101 or Report a Crime Online

Sussex Crimestoppers: Call anonymously with info about crime on 0800 555 111

If you or someone you know needs support with Social Care during inclement weather contact the WSCC Support line on 01243 642555  

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Members of Neighbourhood Watch receive updates on local crime from the Police through their allocated Street Co-ordinator. This can be by email, a note through the letter box or a telephone call.

If you would like to know more about your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme please contact the Area Co-ordinator, Marion Hansford marion.hansford@gmail.com.

Official Neighbourhood Watch website: http://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

Community Messaging

Community Messaging is a targeted messaging service that allows Sussex Police to contact you with regular messages to tell you what's happening in your local area.

This includes keeping you informed about our local meetings and any other community related news, including who your local police officers are and what they are doing about issues affecting the area where you live.

These messages will also inform you about any criminal activity in the local area and ask for information to help prevent or solve a crime where you live. 

You will receive messages and alerts by email. If you also provide your mobile number they may use this to text you in an emergency.

Information from the public is a major help in the fight against crime. It helps to make your community a safer place. By taking a few moments to fill out a simple form, you become more informed about what's happening in your community and you can help to drive down crime.

There is no charge for this service - all messages you receive are free.

Weekly Crime Update

In future there will no longer be a link on this page to the Weekly Crime Update. It will be delivered to you directly, by email, from West Sussex Police by signing up to West Sussex Police Community Messaging.