The Parish Council Planning Sub-committee view and comment on every planning application for properties within or bordering the parish and report at each council meeting. The minutes of these meetings, and the minutes of the planning sub-committee's meetings, can be read here.

As the parish lies entirely within the South Downs National Park The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is the statutory Planning Authority. The SDNPA has agreed and implemented unique partnerships with the 15 Local Authorities operating within the Park boundaries, working alongside and overseeing applications to ensure that planning guidelines are adhered to.

Local Planning Authorities are responsible for the day to day processing and determination of the great majority of all planning applications (about 96%). The SDNPA will deal with applications for more significant development within the Park.

All planning applications submitted since the creation of the SDNP are listed on the SDNPA Planning page.

To view a monthly list of planning applications follow this link and:

  1. select the month you wish to view
  2. select Woolbeding with Redford Parish
  3. select 'validated this month' (i.e. received by SDNPA, checked and entered into the system) or 'decided this month'.

To view planning applications prior to the creation of the SDNP go to the Chichester District Councils Planning Portal.

If you require further help or information contact the clerk at or tel 01730 814384.