The Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was first considered in 2004. All parishioners were invited to a meeting of the Parish Council at which the purpose of the plan was explained. A steering committee of residents to produce the document was formed, and an operating grant was made available by West Sussex County Council.

At the end of the consultation period all the comments from Parishioners were collated and analysed by the steering committee and grouped into areas of concern which formed the headings used in the Action Plan. The areas of concern were identified as being:

  • Transport and Traffic

  • The Village Hall and Green

  • Woolbeding and Pound Commons

  • Housing and Development

  • Local Business

  • Community Service

  • Activities

The final document was delivered to every household in the parish and to W.S.C.C. where it is logged alongside the County Structure Plan to be considered at each stage of planning.

The Parish Council review the plan regularly and comments and findings are aired at Parish Council meetings which are advertised and open to the public.

Click on the links below to view the original Parish Plan and subsequent updates.

Parish Plan

Parish Plan Update 2008

Parish Plan Update 2011

If you have any comments regarding the Parish Plan please email the clerk or call 01730 814384.