The Parish Map

The Parish Map was created as part of a Millennium project called ‘A Sense of Place,’ spearheaded and funded by West Sussex County Council (WSCC). Every Civic parish within West Sussex was invited and encouraged to produce a map that reflected its own ‘sense of place’. The map was created by Pat Kettle, Chris Mayfield, Beryl Trimmer and Karen Lovett, all of whom lived within the Parish at the time of it’s making.

It was made intending to reflect the parish at that time – the turn of the millennium - and includes hand drawn and painted pictures of buildings, views and people. Portraits of the youngest and oldest inhabitants are included, the few remaining businesses are represented along side two beautiful churches, some of the many attractive, old buildings and houses and of course the timeless countryside in which this tiny Parish sits.

Around the edge of the map are the names of all the families residing in The Parish of Woolbeding (now called The Parish of Woolbeding with Redford), at the time of it’s making. Some names represent families that have lived in the area for hundreds of years.

The original map formed part of a public exhibition in Chichester and now hangs in Redford Village Hall, the heart of this tiny, wide spread, rural community. It also features alongside all the other maps produced as part of the project in the book A Sense of Place: West Sussex Parish Maps by Kim C. Leslie published by West Sussex County Council (2006) which was produced to celebrate the project when it was complete.

We are trying to obtain a better photograph of the map which will include all the writing around the edges.

Photo of the Parish Map of Woolbeding & Linch 2001