Over The Years

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Older Hill in Autumn, October 2015

Down Memory Lane at Older Hill, Milland News 126, August 2015

The following photographs have been supplied form the personal records of Bob Dean (Grandson of George Watson and Margaret Ann Nesbit Watson ( Nee Potts). George Watson and Margaret Watson moved to Older Hill after leaving Esh Winning in c1926. George Watson was a safety officer at Esh Winning Coal mine and required to go into the mines each day and ensure they were safe to return to when the strike would eventually finish. He was called scab by fellow workers and had to be protected by local police each time he entered and left the mine.

Eventually the strain was too much and the family moved to Older Hill, when old enough the children were put into service (Mary Watson later to become Mary Dean) went to Bournemouth as scullery maid.

The Watson Period at Older Hill

West Family


1980 and before

1980 and after

Woolbeding Retains Firm Grip On Rural Way Of Life